we all run around in these thoughts and fears.

PURGE? repentance.

i think in english
"notice anything different? --- i can breath."
we all run around with these thoughts and fears.
is this longing for someone to share with common among humans? or am i alone.
are you frightened? embrace it, its the only way to make things exciting.

does there come a time when there is no thing exciting any longer? no thing painful? no thing scary, or will there just be nothing then? is that all their is? does it ever become numb otherwise?

hows that working out for you?

"tell me why you talk to me!
---because you listen."

"go ahead and bend over for destiny."

this sunrise disappoints.

the lesser of two evils is still evil, no matter what you tell yourself to sleep at night.

"are you trying to seduce me?"

any good TOE should reveal reason behind the arrow of time.

how many days has it been? how many days have we done this?

"pile misery upon misery."

when things look up, we look down.

and now i know it.

these thoughts and feelings
these words and meanings
they refuse to express themselves
communication has never caught up to us
and our conversations are never finished.
dont leave me in the middle of the sentence.

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