too many quotes

people, i dont understand.

"is this salt water?
its salt with water in it if thats what you mean."

"my visions fading, i think im gonna die!
there was nothing wrong with that food,
the salt level was 10% less then a lethal dose.
uh oh! i shouldnt have had seconds!"

there is nothing that means we cant pretend.
nothing says we cannot behave how we want.



aug 31st in manchester ---wait, what the fuck was that for???

a friend's away message:
what if i don't want ordinairy? what if i want more? what if i need to be independent? but what if i need a rock? what i want children and a white picket fence? what if i want to live everywhere, with nothing constant? what if i want a passionate love story? what if i want mature love? what if?

what if i want everything and nothing at the same time?

my response:
im sorry, but this is why guys tend to think girls are crazy a lot of the time. granted, i can kind of understand it; feelings and desires do not need to follow any sort of rules, but stuff like that can get really, i want to say frustrating, but thats not really the word. i dont really know how to describe what i am thinking. probably an indication that i dont really understand my take on this yet.
to expand on that, why do we all feel so compelled to know what we want? or to plan out our lives? quit it already with the planning and the inhibitors. plan only as far as you understand, and abandon the rest in its place. (8·15·07).
and you (cody), stop documenting everything so carefully. its inhuman. also, less quotes eh?

"does mom know?
she would unspool!
can i tell her!?!"

"surrendering to destiny?"
"i didnt fall through the cracks, i jumped through."

how much of this did we decide, and how much did we just accept?
this is insulting to both of us.
in the usual way.

"and now what does it feel like?
it feels like theres a train, every hour."

talk is important.

"lay off the pipe."


you have the wrong idea about you.

"why would you want to get involved in something so potentially messy and complicated if you dont have to?
because she makes me sad.
are you attracted to her?
if i were attracted to her i wouldnt be trying to find the guy shes in love with, would i?
oh... good answer."

"theres no more wiggle room on your wrap sheet."

"even if you got rid of me youd still be left with the biggest obstacle to jaye's heart.
whats that?

"why would you want to get involved with anything as potentially messy and complicated as... me?
because you make me happy."

chevy chase movie where he is a writer and they move into the country.

come back to me
dont rain
dont pour.

laughing sickness? sounds like my kind of ailment!
drew blood.
that probably left a mark....

there have always been believers, and most likely, non believers. the difference is that the non-believers have not changed.

i think 'almost' was a bit of a misnomer.

if you think im 'weird' its just because you havent learned and accepted that the world need not be any certain way. and i have.

stay away from heaven.

greatest idea yet: upside down hourglasses!

take a picture, ittll last longer.
itll last longer.
take a picture.

"its also terrifying, its the sound of a fuse being lit."
"i challenge you to a kiss."

poor, poor world.

i think im going to try my hand at P vs NP. or more FP vs FNP. though i know i wont solve it, maybe ill really understand it more. that would be more than satisfying in terms of achievement.

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