i never saw anything before

if god dictates morals, then he (it) is not interested in people being 'truly good' so much as just deterring them from behaving 'inappropriately' (arbitrarily defined by god).

in which case, i would consider god to be an asshole, and also amoral.

also, assuming god exists and is omnipotent, i have a game which he cannot win. any measly human such as myself can win 100% of the time, which is an indication to me that the conventional sense of omnipotence is beyond any realizable universe.

this only happens when your eyes are closed.

i think a very large part of life is trying to figure out what 'right' and 'wrong' mean, and then coming to terms with the fact that they only having meaning within the context of certain synthetic priorities; that they are completely arbitrary and self-generated, self-imposed.

gun down.

you only like me for my frown.

in all of the years that i have been internally philosophizing about the world, there has been a constant underlying dilemma concerning the origin and validity of certainty. and though i had a very clear direction when i first wrote that sentence, i am not so certain anymore, (and thus this reflects the state of the matter).

kill faster

honk if you hate people that honk at everything.

"everything will be all right in the end."

you flew around like a butterfly.
we only do this for the company.

it becomes the solution to any problem.
be wary of any universal solutions, they are probably incomplete.

im trying to figure out what the fractional derivative of ex will be. ooh, weird:"In short, differentiating and then integrating the derivative from 0 to x does not (in general) return us to the same function ; this reversal only holds if we integrate first." from here.

i never saw anything before

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