kiss me, youre beautiful.

number theory as the ultimate physical theory? sounds good to me.

do plants/all animals sleep?
bite the bullet.
prepare for the worst.
fucking BREAK-OUT, seriously, just go fucking run AMUCK.
i need to work on suspension of disbelief. im not very good at that currently.

how much it would hurt to abandon them.

let us call it fragment poetry.
if you promise to keep up with my breathing,
ill promise to keep up with your heartbeat.
no, not fragrant poetry.

very well, plot a solution.

you know, with 'in praise of idleness', he leaves out prisoners. prisoners only subtract from the productivity of society.

newest pickup line: hey, wanna get together and act like a couple members of an r-selected species with me? hey, you never know, maybe ill meet an attractive biologist. okay, so i dont like poppy seed bagels so much.

"forget it! im not going. i have my reasons. shut up all of you! --- my hip hurts - im in the middle of cooking a turkey - i have warranty cards to fill out - i am not just making excuses - alright, ill go." -professor freaksworth

according to my string-cheese, maine has no poisonous snakes, and is in fact the only state that can make that claim.

reading up about primes and the riemann hypothesis i feel it is imperative to remind myself; do not mistake the beauty of mathematics for creation. if there is one thing which is most definitely outside of creation, it is mathematics. truly mathematics is the realm of discovery.

peace out yall! -al gore

the mother, she loves her son. and so she cannot abandon him, cannot refuse him help. and we cannot tell how much her assistance inhibits his ability, (or more his motivation) to recover. but it seems just as reasonable that even without her help, he would not change. are some people just completely unreachable? how much it would hurt to abandon them. something logically impossible is called a contradiction.

no such appetites.

when i was young, i was often told to just be [my]self, as advice for dealing with social situations. and it worried me, it generated a great deal of anxiety in elementary school, throughout middle school, and at least partly in high school: who was i? how can i be myself if i dont know who myself is? i would notice my behavior changing between scenarios, and friends. sometime between junior year and now (or probably last year), i began to think that 'who i am' is unrelated to how i act, or behave. i learned to be. i spent too much time on the problem. i didnt see the forest for the trees.
theres always a pattern.

youre really not so far.
someone needs to hold you
before you slip away
because you always leave us guessing
pushing pieces round your plate
someone needs to show you
before you slip away
youre really not so far from us
youre really not so far.

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