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this is kind of neat, im not sure how much anyone realizes this, but all day long i write things down. anything from a word that i like two two words that sound nice to an idea or phrase or thought i want to record. then i come home and type them all into here. and then i delete the spaces between each item. and out falls new meanings! it is quite enjoyable. so in the following paragraph, 'pace changing' i thought sounded nice, and "hey, guess what youre an accessory to?" was a phrase i read somewhere. now they seem to say something completely different! brilliant.

abstraction extract.

i cut my hair as often as i take showers. i want to sleep as often as i eat, and i eat several times most days. "feign certainty for the sake of clarity." -stefan. when people ask me, "whats your major?" and i respond, "math-physics", i tend to get a, 'oh, thats boring' vibe from them. henceforth i will respond with, "math-physics, but only because i couldnt find any schools for armed robbery". hey, guess what youre an accessory to? pace changing. consistency preserved. here i am == i am ready.

i cant spell 'stupid dick face' without you. but thats just because i cant spell.

sounds like a plan. actually, thats just what people say. me in this case being people. i dont mean it. i figure out in first grade, on the playground: plans dont work. you can never guess how people will act. so fuck that. it might have taken me another twenty years, but i think my life has become pretty much independent of plans, and i like that very much.

man oh man, i need to slow down. pause a moment. i need to take baby steps again. left foot, right foot, i forgot how to ride a bike. my mouth outgrew my jaws' ability to chew. is there something wrong with never being certain of anything?

"The question is how to arrive at your opinions and not what your opinions are. The thing in which we believe is the supremacy of reason. If reason should lead you to orthodox conclusions, well and good; you are still a Rationalist. To my mind the essential thing is that one should base one's arguments upon the kind of grounds that are accepted in science, and one should not regard anything that one accepts as quite certain, but only as probable in a greater or a less degree. Not to be absolutely certain is, I think, one of the essential things in rationality." -Bertrand Russell
when i unravelled this, i could not handle it. even reading bertrand russell's solution to the exact same problem, i have not yet been able to deal with the problem, and of course while russell's having the very greatest abilities in dealing with matters of reason can explain his success and my failure, it would seem that with the aid of his conclusions i should be able to comprehend and solve my personal version of the problem as well. and yet i have not. perhaps it will just take time.

"i love his boyish charm, but i hate his childishness." ha hah ha. "there must be 50 ways to learn to hover".

it is funny how obviously our behavior is influenced by more instinctual aspects of evolution. jealously over sex, birthrights, fertility... these things caused much distress thousands of years ago, let alone today. i get this thought from the bible, which i am half-reading for history class. there are a lot of fucked up people in the bible, doing bat-shit insane things. its kind of interesting, but not really. not compared to now, and here. real life.


an interesting question, in regards to motors, that i cannot yet answer, but maybe one of you can, is why can i spin a motor with say some sort of flywheel, so that it has a great deal of rotational inertia, and then turn the motor on, and still have it spin up in the opposite direction?

what time is it? ---now. which strain of christianity are you infected with? that stuff is viral. then time does not fly? infinite descent proof. youre not supposed to know my name.why has your face fallen?

its funny how the more complex a statement is the more specific it tends to be. as where the more ambiguous a statment is, the more interpretive, and therefore complex it becomes. this causes problems. intelligent, specific statments often go unnoticed, or even mocked, whereas stupid common statments are interpreted as good by a wider vartiety of meanings than orginally intended. case in point, the bible is easily one of the most ambiguous texts ever. to claim anything about it with certainty is very difficult, yet its somehow more influential than the average physics textbook, even though physics text books are FILLED with verifiably true statements, stated with the intention of minimizing ambiguity. although keep in mind, Karl Popper did say, "it is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood."

id really like to see a very good drawing of simese twins molesting one another.

is it possible to solve a problem without knowing what it is? are the concepts of 'right and wrong' and 'following rules' equivalent? are they similar? related? unrelated? i do not know. i need someone smarter than me to tell me these things. i get too caught up in the sheer size to make any progress.

"the shrewedest sexual violation. no, god isnt bothered by it."

someday i might be good with proofs:

remember what you know.
remember what you are looking for.
it is a balancing act.


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