creation by way of accident

might as well take down a monster on my way out.
i am in a position of disgust.
i heard you looking.
spies all around.
never out of character.

its funny how lonely the world is, given how eager people generally are to love one another, physically, emotionally... however.
the only limiting factor in counterfeiting anything is the ability of the counterfeiter to see the differences of details.

i cant help it, it was a really good movie:
"you dont understand, i dont even know why."
"pleasantly surprised. youre not like the other murderers."
"do you want me around or not? do you even like me?"
..."if you felt it it would be easy, you would just, spread your arms as wide as they could go, and say 'this much penny' "
"you just said you love me, right?"
"come on, take me away now. take me away. what are you waiting for. i see you."
"the winner is the one that doesnt blow his brains out. he gets a refrigerator."

stupid humans. with their emotion and their reason. neither of which work correctly.

more than i can chew?
at 830 tomorrow morning i will be interviewing for an intern position at smiths medical that will last one week and take place in connecticut. that would be interesting. anyone wanna go hang out with me in connecticut for a few days in a hotel room im not paying for? sounds like ill also be doing graphics for Collin, which will be neat, since i would normally do that stuff for free, but theyll pay me handsomely, which will defintely motivate me to get it done.

if i decided to be reckless, is it still reckless?
i think way too much to be legitimately reckless.
but i think ill change that some. i believe myself to be too methodical. too calculated. too exact. humans break things. i need to break something. i need something to break.

i really love this song. and i also forgot how easy it is to speed excessively with loud angry music.

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