good bandit

be a good bandit

the answer is yes?
the answer is yes.

any thoughts on that?
none id like to share.

we should use Turing's proof of the undecidability of the halting problem as an excuse for running a stop sign/light.

i hope we learned something.

so i need to write this down, and remember it. for some odd reason, when i am with a girl i am really attracted to, even if she has made it unbelievably obvious that she likes me, i still somehow convince myself of odd suspicions, like that perhaps she does not want me to show it publicly. or that she is hiding me from someone else, and them from me. why would i be so paranoid? i really appreciate the effort girls have sometimes put into it to help pull me out of it, even if it hasnt lasted yet. ive always felt this way. since fifth grade at least. possibly earlier.

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