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it seems that for Olber's paradox the fractal explanation is relatively reasonable. but, when viewing the absorption explanation in light of the fractal explanation, doesnt the extreme uniformity of the CMB radiation sound sort of like the result of the absorption? i mean, if the fractal explanation can fully explain Olber's paradox, wouldnt that lower the temperature on the intermediate matter, and therefore lower the equilibrium temperature in the same way, while also accounting for its extreme uniformity?

also, i need to remember to write a letter to John Preskill about some things he said about black holes and quantum fluctuations. it had to do with saying assumption x leads to consequence y. and y sounded a lot like quantum vacuum fluctuations to me. the entire point of the statement was to use y as evidence for why x was a bad assumption. its been too long since ive practiced any formal logic, so thats as technical as i can get.

i just remembered that years ago i told this girl something about how she didnt seem to notice that she was famous. she seemed confused by it. but she is a lovely girl with a lovely voice. she rocked pretty hard. and opening for her band denali were victory at sea and a few forgettable acts. victory at sea was wonderful though.

me: i like the first listed improvement. that should be the first improvement to anything and everything ever, "increased laser power".
bernard: increased steam power!

i love articles like this because they are written in such a way that i understand most of the words and meanings of individual sentences, but as a whole i have no idea what they mean, and it is a very humbling feeling.

oh crap, this is the stuff ive been trying to learn for years! how to build my own radio transceivers! seriously too! i need it to make an RFID mocap system... or to detect and locate lightening strikes maybe first. thatd be cool.

oh crap, in that last post i attacked people, in the first sentence. its interesting. i would never attack a single person for their behavior; if anything i would simply pity their ill-motivated beliefs. thats not fair. i want to say i would pity their unconventional position. basically, it seems that their beliefs, though perhaps grossly uncommon, inappropriate to others, disturbing, backwards, whatever; are not really their choice. obviously they would not themselves think their beliefs are radical/unintelligent/abnormal, (or if they do then there is a certain obvious type of irrationality implied).

sometimes i feel like the only optimist around.
like us optimists have a bleak future.
or should that read,
"us optimists have a bleak future."

i love the month of april because i get to write lots of 4s on paper. because i really love writing the number 4. its all fancy-like.

we are all of us, accomplices the same.

why would waiting 99 days matter? on day 99, everyone waits
why should time have any influence?

its sort of tragic that we have constructed a world in which things like credit and bills and taxes and i suppose finances in general, have higher priority than say, enjoying life.

the weirdest thing about god, is hes this great guy youve never met who you trust more than anyone (even those close to you). if there is a god, and hes really that grand, he shouldnt need our love. humans need our love though. one more weird way for me to vehemently disagree with religious beliefs; it consumes precious love that could be more efficiency utilized on our fellow humans.

strain belief.

why are people so mystical about consciousness? its not that mysterious really. self awareness is simply the ability to observe oneself. what is observation? collection of information, through an instrument. we have each ourselves done a lifetime of research on this.

i am not entirely sure that i give any indication of when i am joking and when i am serious. in which case, does anyone other than me know?

youre obviously confused and aroused.

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