proximity to failure

your turbulent heart.
vandalize psychics.
skimpy outfits.
look, thats lovely.
okay, and, thanks, for, understanding.
off-label use?
a line has two sides.
we can fight if it helps you sleep.
chronic avoidance of tough issues.
dont take the cork off the fork.
my baby rocks me with one steady roll.
most significant bit.
Get Honest
proximity to failure depends on the viewpoint of the observer (unless tensors are utilized).
"cancel out"
failure mode.
ultimate failure.

i want to see liquid nitrogen poured into water.


how is sexual deviant defined? is it someone who deviates from the publicly acknowledged set of sexual practices, or the privately held, publicly (not spoken) set of sexual practices, which are very common, despite not being talked about.

i just had an idea... thinking about the prevalence of porn on the internet, and more importantly, porn that probably many of the moralist conservatives would publicly deem as deviant... is there some sort of contradiction within the people who staunchly believe in the free market, and the idea that those sexual practices are deviant?

its raining, i need to shower. you do the math.
soaked by nature
when was the last time you stomped in a puddle? for me it was tonight (6 17 07)

okay, 'weeds' makes me want to move to california and deal pot. really badly.
people use the word 'love' too much. along with all the more common swears.

i want to put the name of a song here, but i think it would inadequately convey my feelings.

"can you guys ship a whole body?"
"we can ship anything kid."

its just about four in the morning, and i dont have to wake up for another hour. why am i awake? i dont know.

im working on the habit of having habits.
working hard to achieve cog-in-the-wheel status!

"she brought the stupid out of you."
"satan satan lend me a dollar.
satan satan lend me a dollar now."
"okay, everyone else knows that this is the point where things start to go wrong. but its not so easy to see trouble coming when youre in the middle of it. the problem is, you cant see whats coming, cause you dont want to see whats coming."

most people wouldnt like to admit this, but we are all almost nearly identical. theres not a big difference between einstein and the average joe. and physically, we are all extremely close to identical; more than 99% of you is contained in every serial murderer, rapist, dictator, genocidal maniac. every genius, every retard, every loathsome enemy, shares more with you than you can even imagine.

i think the commercial said:
"you never hear a guy say, 'check her out she looks loyal' or a girl say, 'whoa, look at the morals on that guy' ; no, love at first sight is based on something entirely different: sight."
i wonder if my interest in being blind has anything to do with avoiding love at first sight.

i had a dream. i was in a car, with a girl i. i dont remember who, but i remember i was really attracted to her at the time. and i wanted nothing more than to kiss her. i was driving, and there was another guy in the passenger seat with me, who i didnt know at all i dont think. and i could tell he liked the girl too. and she and i were flirting. then she was giving me directions and shed lean up and her head would be in front of mine. and she kissed my nose, and then my lips, and then there was a tiny bit of tongue, and i looked and could see her eyes, and she grinned, and i grinned. and she sat back down in the back seat, and i felt lovely.

i drank some brandy. i asked stefan what i should mix it with, he said bad decisions.

tyler told me that i should put 3 years breastfeeding experience down on my resume.

supposedly, calvin coolidge said these things:
"I have never been hurt by what I have not said."
"I have noticed that nothing I never said ever did me any harm.
Calvin Coolidge "
regardless of whether he did or not, i disagree completely. there have been many things that i have not said that have harmed me.

in anticipation of incarceration.

theres no english equivalent to 'fuck off'.
-Billy Conelly

im glad youre offended, if you werent, i wouldnt be able to offend you.

free speech is the ability to yell 'theater!' in a crowded fire.
-Abbie Hoffman

Flen flyys

"Friars with knives go about and swive men's wives."

"i would have made a good pope."
-president Richard M Nixon

moral anarchy, really important.

we need to popularize the word boone as a multiply useful swear word.

the fuck stops here.

stay, just a little bit longer.

look closely at the most embarrassing details and magnify them.
give way to your worst impulse (? could be really mean?)

kinda like the way youre breathing
i kinda like the way youre looking away

ive spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is i am attracted to, and why, and i still dont really know much about it. and i wonder if other people ever think of that? and not even just attraction (though i tend to reduce everything about my interests to some form of inexplicable attraction), i also mean interests. why do people like movies? or books? or comics? cars? drugs? art? music? it is a mystery im sure plenty of people can explain to me.

"somethings wrong, murder's not working and thats all we're good at."

are women really better at reading men, or just trained better because men express themselves better (in one sense, not in many others). men are at a disadvantage to interpret body langauge because women are less accceptably expressive. men are more acceptably expressive. though thats not to say that men express it better, in fact, we probably dont. obviously i dont know what im talking about at all, and i dont want to take the time to figure it out.

"be the trouble that you want to see in the world"

i want to seal up my world in glass,
and wait for bricks to be thrown through my windows

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