bug in jar

we are restricting, and reducing the valid places for supernaturalism.

i think i have a good conceptual understanding of consciousness, all of the sudden. a really good understanding; suddenly it seems very obvious that consciousness is very similar to sight, touch, and our other senses. the senses provide input to the brain, the brain makes decisions (computes) to produce output. in simpler animals, the brain's computations are based on maybe two or three sets of data: sensory input (sight, sound, touch), instinctual habits (preprogrammed), and learned memory (previous experiences). but in a more complicated brain, there is an additional sensory input, the ability to observe the computation. self awareness is simply that, its the observation that there is computing occurring. instead of a previous experience, or an environmental situation, or instinctual habit influencing the 'direction' of a single decision that the brain is computing, the very observation that it is computing influences it. so we can decide to 'misbehave' or act contradictory to people's expectations simply on a whim. this makes behavior that much harder to comprehend. prediction shortens to moments, if that. i dont want to be thinking any more.

as hard as i am to read, is as hard as it is for me to read other people.

i need a girl who is very tolerant of my very seriously retarded social skills. and i dont mean that in the slang sort of way: my social skills are severely retarded, probably on par with a very young child.

my ability to communicate is entirely dependent on an individual's ability to speak my language.

in another time
in another place
we remembered that.

there is definitely something important to see in the application of Gödel's incompleteness theorems to physical reality and the "search" for "truth", but i cant quite see what it is yet. it seems very clear to me that morality does not have any real basis, and is a relative/subjective measure, but 'truth' in general? holy shit, wait, maybe we can circumvent Gödel since we can never know the axioms of reality... the concept of truth i suppose falls apart in some sense. these thoughts feel very incomplete, and i dont want to think of them any longer.

its that stupid little bow.

on his site, Robin Hanson says, "Do you find it hard to summarize yourself in a few words? Me too."
actually, no, i dont have much difficulty doing that. i can be summarized thusly: the abilene paradox.

okay, i think what i want to study is quantum physics with the intention of expanding/developing our interpretation with respect to physical computing. or physics and computation. or the physics of quantum computing. how fitting that the concepts of black versus white are annihilated at the very most fundamental level of quantum particles (that is, the principle of superposition destroys the concept of mutual exclusivity, for very specific cases that is).

does it make any sense for me to say im a misanthrope who cherishes humanity?

he says he helps the people at the soup kitchen because it makes them feel good when he eats their soup. they feel good when they help people. but then the other man points out that he is helping himself, since he feels good when he helps them.

always be climbing, always. telephone poles, fences, rehab centers

most people think all the wrong things are important.
most people thing all the important things are wrong.
it would irritate you.

tell me something that you dont want to tell me.

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