intelligence failure

gather round and listen close.

what is it that interests you? what is it that you really enjoy doing in life? ive met so very few people that can answer these questions. most people cant answer these questions. was there ever a time in school that you enjoyed what you were learning? and i dont mean when the teacher was a pushover and you could play cards during class, i mean curriculum that you truly enjoyed. we dont know what we dont know.

i stand corrected. or sit. whatever really.
science is a process.
love is a verb.
kiss me; youre beautiful.

is this statement true: "competition makes everything better"? im skeptical, but that might just be because ive never enjoyed competition. i cant find a real counterexample, though i suppose personally i can say competition generally instills a feeling of unease in me, or at least some sort of discomfort, and so competion does not make me feel better. its weak, but oh well.

"look, im sorry youre having problems at home. id offer you some advice, but it wouldnt be worth much, i dont even have a cat."

is human imagine becoming more expansive with time?

and now have you disappeared?
and now have you disappeared again?

scare away thunder.

Einstein said of Niels Bohr, "not often in life has a human being caused me such joy by his mere presence as you did."
unrelated, Niels Bohr said, "some subjects are so serious that one can only joke about them."

Matt: either i am really fucking high... and i mean so fucking high that i dont even know i took drugs, or there is a big fucking bat flying around my room
me: thats pretty cool.

"no discernible genitalia" -Stefan

who wrote the bible? where did they live? what did they know? why does the guy on the street corner with the sign about the 'end' being 'near' not seem as trustworthy as the good book itself? why arent the miracles of the bible ever interpreted as illusions, the way david blaine and david copperfields 'magic' is? if god controls everything, he must have wanted me to be an atheist.

while i was in california, my mother told my aunt that i was in my 'atheism phase'. i need to figure out how to nicely explain that it seems unlikely to be a 'phase' of atheism. for as long as i can remember ive been an atheist, i just hid it from her; i lied in order to make her and my father happy. stood there for years and nodded yeses in understanding of their unbelievable beliefs. but i never once thought it was true, at least not that i am consciously aware of. for some time i was close to being a deist, but that is too speculative. i find the idea that some supernatural force exists to be fantastic, let alone one with a consciousness, 'who' can 'speak' humankind's languages.

when you find what youre looking for, will you know what it is?

infatuated by his great folly.
will i cover the distance myself?

bottom line.
id love to turn you on.

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