Terrestrial Masterpiece

"Back off man... I'm a scientist."
With friends like you I don't need friends.
Touch is having or getting zero distance.

Don't be fooled.

I missed bicycle day 2009. Oh well, maybe next year.
I like a lot of the phrases in the page on pain compliance. Escalation of force, conflict escalation, rational adversary. Excited delirium and use of force continuum are neat too.

Let plausible mean "requiring nothing other than well-established scientific data and theory", then the most plausible theory (all else equal), is preferable. If they are equally plausible, a discrepancy between theory and reality must be sought, though the shorter theory would be preferable if both plausibility as well as everything else was equal.

"You can't have sex with someone you respect. Wheres the depravity?"

"There's no officially sanctioned position for doing that."

Google is faster at predicting when and where a flu outbreak will pop up?

I'll be the direct examiner, you be the hostile witness.

Just for you.

So try to keep in mind, that I miss you.

[written 9·4·08, in QC notebook]: (Einstein's concern). Oh, I need to write this out in wordpress! (To type the math.)

Wow. Party?
Shiver me timbers.
A nice mechanical story.
We evolved to be avoiders.
"Yes, we have a soul. But it's made of tiny robots."
"We don't know exactly which world we are in."

"Celestial masterpiece."
Grand Unification Epoch
Ha ha ha ha, "Look, Victory!"

Why not treat the government as one more corporation? Your vote, and your taxes, are just you paying for someone to fulfill a job.

The second law and cosmology.

Full Cliff May interview on The Daily Show.

And yes, I think Truman should be considered a war criminal. Though I would have expected Eisenhower to pardon him, and would have found that a reasonable thing to do. But seriously, do we have scruples? Or are we really that oblivious

Ab Primis Principiis

Is the problem just that, although everything is, in principle, completely rigid and deterministic, there is no way to perfectly measure or prepare anything? (Definitely in practice, and maybe even in principle, but does it matter?)

"Meager sadness."
"Counting off time."
"Less than much."

I watched that second national treasure movie, and just had to check if this was true, which of course it isn't. It makes me wonder if anything in the movie was true... I know at least some of the desk stuff was very lightly true, though I didn't bother checking the names of the few who haven't used it. Luckily I don't know or care enough about history to really get annoyed by the movie. Though it made me wonder, why can't we just invent stories, why does inserting real history into them (even if it is just names), really seem to change the story?

The worst part, is that they don't understand there simply cannot be evidence that something is too complicated to be explained by science.

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