Flower Storm

"Pure excess" is a phrase I would love to have associated with me.
Gotta rewatch this.

Scientifically minded skepticism
Wolfram Alpha v. Google

Flower storm.
The good fight.
What would the world be like if every other male/female had very nearly your personality? I tend to think things would be alright for me, though who knows. What do you think?

"Dreams sometimes come true, if I could have one dream I'd give my dreams to you. Wishes sometimes come true. If I could have one wish I'd give my wish to you."
Victory at Sea, where did you go? When will you return? We wait patiently here for you, but sometimes it gets quiet and it gets overcast and our stamina wavers. Other days are nice enough to forget what it was we've been waiting for.

There is no why.

Everybody knows that.
Everybody knows that everybody knows that.
Everybody knows that everybody knows that everybody knows that.
"There is common knowledge of p in a group of agents G when all the agents in G know p, they all know that they know p, they all know that they all know that they know p, and so on ad infinitum."

How bizarre that this man is charged with 29,0000 cases accessory to murder?

"To a strange and distant land, where they speak no word of truth, but we don't understand anyway. Hol-i-day."

Pretty pictures. May 11th is pretty neat too.
Anni Rossi is awesome. And Sholi seems malignant.

It remains difficult to interpret people, though it has been a little more frustrating lately than it usually is. It might be a reaction to attention. It seems that a large portion of my life is in one way or another the direct consequence of avoiding unwanted attention. When you recall memories of your childhood, what emotions seem most frequent? Surprising to me, it seems to be anxiety. I wonder if that is just because extreme emotions are more likely to be remembered? Do other people answer the same way? Actually, come to think of it, that may dominate my adult memories also, though maybe not—it'll have to be considered.

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