Tie me up.

cognitive defect

Ha ha ha:
"and all the cops and armies in the world can't stop something with a 17,000% markup."
-Joseph McNamara (about cocaine)

The 3rd Scourge.

"but light a match, inhale the smoke, and it becomes an invitation to your own murder."

Uncontrollable hilarity.

I think I might have just gotten some insight into the whole dating situation, as described by girls who think they are giving me constructive advice. Assuming you, the reader, knows me, how would you go about telling a girl who was interested in me to approach me? I can't speak for you, but I can say, most likely you will be wrong. For the most part, I seem to make up my mind relatively quickly, and there isn't much that is in anyone's control. I'm sorry if that sounds shallow (if you don't think it's shallow, fine, but I do), but thats how I work. I didn't choose to be that way, it wasn't a decision. It's true that she could have a personality that I find really attractive, for instance, she could have principles in line with mine, or laugh at my sick jokes (like all the horrible things I would do as a parent), but none of those things really matter, because I adapt pretty readily to other people's thoughts. Barring something like religious fundamentalism, or brash ignorance, or more so, deliberate, self aware, fervent anti-intellectualism, (which is basically the serious religious fundamentalists), I would be completely obliged with virtually every other variation in personality. Obviously I'm partial to the same things everyone is partial to: girls who appear to enjoy themselves, smiling, adventurous, curious, excitable, reckless, free, whatever. I don't mind what might be considered a 'dumb' girl, so long as they don't take pride in their ignorance. In fact, I might define 'dumb' as someone who does just that, and anyone else, ignorant or otherwise, as intelligent. From my perspective, you have to work really hard to be dumb, you can't just be uninterested, and unexposed to more intelligent ideas, you have to downright reject them, openly, loudly, and repeatedly, with pride.

Conversations escalate.

Take. Take as much as you can.
Cause you know it's going fast.

One man's schizophrenia is another man's enlightenment.

I'm pretty sure that I've fallen deeply in love with every girl I've ever been attracted to (both of them! ha ha!), then eventually I get over it, and after that I probably just fall in love with the first girl I find irresistibly attractive. Am I shallow? I think so. Who are you to judge?

Heh heh, "because nothing is better than eternal bliss. And you are better than nothing".


I think I just like this phrase.

I think my favorite part of this article is how one of the conspirators only got 10 years for 1.5 tons of cocaine. What?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Seabight HA HA HA HA

On to the next willing victim.

pilling - those little balls that form on garments (like wool)
gregarious - fond of company; sociable
hefting (or heafing), the instinct in some breeds of keeping to a certain heft throughout their lives (a small local area).
I think I want to be a shepherd some day. Probably not though. But wool is pretty cool, and sheep dogs are awesome, and sheep are just kind of nice. Plus, New Zealanders are awesome, and they are big on the whole sheep thing.
Ha ha ha, Counting sheep... dammit, everything about shepherding is so laid back. It'd be cool to collect black sheep. Its recessive, so if they were breeding you'd just get more and more black sheep. Thats what I'll do someday. I'll heard black sheep.

This beautiful world.

23 skidoo

Everything in moderation. Except of course, moderation itself.

I just like the phrase, "a relative of the banana".

Maybe instead of sheep I'll raise goats.

This article has interesting things in it, but I disagree with the idea that our 'highly developed sense of morality' is what "does, or ought to" distinguish us from our the rest of life. I would say maybe it is the fact that we can develop a sense so highly, but I'm not sure I would be satisfied with that either. Most likely, the distinguishing quality of mankind is something subtle, and I would jack my answer from Richard Feynman's talk on teaching. In it, he describes a process referred to as 'time binding', in which a species begins to pass information between individuals more rapidly than the individuals can lose the information. That is clearly something that has never occurred with any other species. It is a result only obtainable after passing some tipping point, accumulating knowledge more rapidly than it is lost. This is magnificent.

An unsourced quote of Bertrand Russell,
Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.

"A nobleman went to purchase a pig on St. Stevens day, and then the pig monger quoth, 'seek you a sow or a hog?' Quoth the nobleman, 'which be the better for fucking?' "
-Jon Stewart

Holy Crap this is awesome!

Call me conceited, but I think I already know how we get to the 7th stage. And it is inevitable, because science fixes more problems than it creates, and all of our desires will drive us to it.


It's an exciting time to be alive. But then again, probably anyone who pays attention to science in any given lifetime has every right to say that.

I like the phrase "chasing skirt".

Boy are you a sight for sore eyes.
“smiles are on all faces,”

What'll it be stranger?
How can I make you feel so good, and so bad, at the same time?
Maybe there's something wrong with me, that I can't see?
Love like yours will surely come my way.

Ah, an explanation apparently.

Tie me down.

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