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It would be really nice, when running a website/weblog/whatever, to make a list of links of 'interesting things', and keywords which trigger those links. So you don't have to bother linking them. Like how origin of life links to cdk007's video on abiogensis.

You know those abusive relationships? Where the one person remains with the other person despite physical abuse? All those jokes like, "he loves me, he really does", or "my husband beats me sunglasses", or, "I fell down the stairs to save time", and you know how confusing it is that people stay in those relationships? You ask yourself, "why would anyone put up with that bullshit?" Well the same question applies to what many people think of as their relationships with a god. Many christians and muslims (as well as other faiths I'm sure), seem to believe that a god will punish the unfaithful, or the disobedient, or the genuinely curious (myself), or the doubters, or the lovers, or the adventurous... or honestly, the human. Even if I could somehow convince myself that allah, or the god of many christians, or jesus, or the god of the old testament, existed, I would continue to reject any relationship with any of them, if only because I think it is an unhealthy relationship.

Heartbreaking beauty.
It'll be different.
The star of her own tragedy.
It'll break your heart.

Why am I heartfelt when I am alone, but seriously nervous when I'm near a pretty girl? What does that?

"Any problem on earth can be solved, with the careful application of explosives."
"And suddenly you're in love with everything"
"Knowing, that you don't know, is the most essential step to knowing, you know?"

panoply - a complete or impressive collection of things. A splendid display.

Math as language—excellent idea!

Absolutely brilliant.

How wrong can you be?
I can't believe that you actually died.
Shower notes: views/ratings = outline size/color/objec size?
Idea/solution wiki: lists problems, allows various branched solutions to be posed

I forgive everyone, for everything, always. Except arguments/debates/discussions where I get the impression that my opponent is merely disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, or out of spite, or some other petty reason. That really seems to dedicate me to proving out my point.

Plausible and possible are great words for science.
Make a page to describe what is meant by the word certainty, in terms of science, and also what is currently thought of as a certainty, in science, and why. (I.e., the law of the conservation of energy began as a conservation of mass, or momentum, or numerous other more specific ideas. The conservation of energy however is so general, it seems very unlikely to be toppled in any way. Though science demands the attitude that it may yet be toppled anyway.)

"We turn ourselves in now they'll give us 20 years in the electric chair!"

I just wondered, is the length of the wick that remains above the candle wax directly determined by the capillary action of the melted candle wax sucking up the wick?

Here's a fun and simple question: given a volume of 1 cubic inch, what is the relative change in pressure when the surface area changes by 1 square inch?
I voted for sequoia voting systems machine number DRE 700 Serial # 34491
ab initio

And it's beginning to get to me.

"I'm not the enemy."—"then who are you?"

This is a pretty neat article. It explains why scientists suspect that Saturn's moon Rhea may have rings. Apparently the wikipedia article does a fairly good job of explaining it as well.

This is an awesome java applet that allows you to (roughly) investigate the phenomena of light mill (or Crookes radiometer).
And this is a simulation of traffic, so you can learn why traffic jams can form for no real reason at all.

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