all the best dreams.

so i found 14 different orderings.
now i need to do five items. shit.
1 test, 6 tests, __?__ tests
pretty face flight of stairs.

try not to wonder where you are.
its always gonna be you.
could you be my calling?

no one has any sort of idea how much effort it takes me to do these things.

i heard about this in passing a few times, but this was the first time i have read about it directly. and it pisses me off... why do we refer to 'him' as a 'man'? 'he' has female genitals. on the other hand, i do respect 'his' preference to be thought of as a guy, i prefer to call people whatever theyd prefer to be called, but still, as far as science is concerned, this is not a male having a child. its an enormously misleading headline.

why is such an abomination of human sexuality accepted? by anyone!? how the hell did such a stupid fucking belief become so widely adopted? who, in their right mind, male or female, would want women to cover up so much? im a boring guy, i never rebelled to anyone, but id like to think, had i been raised in this sort of environment, i would have raised hell.

we have the words true and false
we have the word truth, whats the 'false' equivalent?

what is the difference between reflection and absorption/reemission of photons? is it a time scale thing? i should probably know this already.

filling in the origin of life gaps:
life-like structures in space?
in comets?
tiny bacteria
maybe much more tiny bacteria?
still more tiny bacteria
and the things that eat them
tiny viruses
and really huge ones
excellent ideas
vast armies
the smallest known bacterium
laboratory life
anything else? should i add this to my wikipedia page?

"Because once you familiarize yourself with the chains of bondage you prepare your own limbs to wear them. Fuckin' Abraham Lincoln said it, and I fuckin' believe it, so you have got to get me the fuck out! Now!" -Rudy Timmons

its like youre strapped to a bomb.

when people talk about 'needing' something that they dont really need, or when they console one another with phrases like 'itll be okay', when both parties should be fully aware that no one can really say, are those truths understood? and just ignored? or completely unseen? cause if they are just ignored, i could improve my social skills simply by latching on to that idea.

you think you could end me?

i am as perverted as you can imagine me being. or at least, if you imagine me that way, you cannot possibly be unpleasantly surprised.


i dont mind you coming here, and wasting all my time. i dont mind you hanging out, and talking in your sleep. i guess youre just what i needed.

"so our new energy policy is, 'i have a cocaine problem, im out of cocaine. what say we turn the kids rooms into cocaineries'."


i just need someone to ask me the right questions.
youre so number one that its a shame, a shame
that i let other numbers in the game

i love nectarines, they must be my favorite fruit. i like their taste, their feel, their colors. their size, their mass. the way they break apart as you eat them. i really love when the fruit part comes off of the pit part really well.

damned if i know what will happen; i dont understand people, i certainly dont understand the average american, i can barely even understand all but a handful of scientists. so what hope do i have understanding the average human? the average voter? the average christian? the average muslim? ill bet all of them like sex... and if they dont, somewhere in their life, things got completely fucked up.

your skins so fair. your skins so fair its not fair.

Bernard Chezelle: If the question is more complex, like say "Should subprime lending affect leveraged Forex positions in non-dollar-denominated durable goods?" then answer: "Americans want change in their pockets and in their hearts: It is time to change hope for change into change for hope so that hoping change will change how hope for change changes change."

to be alone with you.

i guess im just looking for someone with whom i agree usually. who i can rest on and rest with when i become exhausted by the rest of the universe. ive seen a lot of the universe (at least relative to what the average person and the most experienced astronomer could have seen), and im looking for that part of the universe that i havent gotten a great glimpse of.

listless. ennui.
there is no antidote.

42 seconds

how long do you think she can be out of the water?

will you let me take off your training wheels?
she'll think about it.
take off my training wheels.

i know where im going, i just dont know how to get there.
ive grown soft, some might even say pliable over the years.

its a contradiction.

im not so much intolerant of people as i am intolerant of unproven claims to authority

face obliteration.

mathematics could be described as a search for pure knowledge.
science could be described as a search for technical knowledge, or tentative knowledge.
religion can only be described as a naïve attempt to impostor knowledge; the truths put forward by religion become laughable as scientific progress rapidly evolves our understanding of the universe, and the older the claimed truth, the less acceptable it is. the only way religion has continued to flourish is through the ignorance of the majority (largely due to preoccupation with survival), and through the continued supreme power and control of the authority. or maybe i am wrong, and maybe it is simply human nature that the vast majority fail to take interest in critical thought. as scientists, we should perhaps study this formally.

farewell to the master
whoa... what if we created ai, with that specific intent? to police us? in that case, it wouldnt require evolution to 'maliciousness' (it blurs that idea). it could be claimed that the creator was motivated by righteousness.

know that i am proud of you.

im looking for the edge.
im living.
im risking.
and im having a blast.
im becoming audacious.

i figured this would be more familiar to you.
everybody knows that
softly softly wins the game

we'll have a big parade for every day you stay clean.
why when you know you should go, is it so hard to leave?
is solitude indeed the cure, for loneliness? oh i dont think so, i miss you too much.

i become what i believe those i concern myself with want me to become.

beliefs are not all equal. there is a very enormous difference between uninformed and informed beliefs, and the level of information involved with a belief. faith is uninformed belief, or maybe pseudo-informed, or falsely informed; faith is belief that is ultimately justified by hope or ignorance: hope that what you want is true, or ignorance of the alternative possibilities. in either case, there the only space for such belief in science is in the completely foreign, completely un-probed and perhaps un-probe-able matters. this excludes the vast majority of all phenomena.

in anticipation of incarceration

is it bright where you are? have the people changed?

this is not
the end of the world,
this is only a test.

why is it that if i were to beat you up, claiming that it was self defense, and that if i didnt do it you would have assuredly attack me, why is it that i will get in trouble?
when the US can attack another country, without any real reason, with no real threat.

wait, wait wait. the whole idea of torture for information gathering is incredibly ignorant. you can imagine that the desire to torture might be inversely proportional to the amount of information you already know from them, that is, the less your captured, supposed enemy has revealed, the more pertinent it is to find out what he/she is hiding. however, your confidence in the idea that they know something would be directly proportional to what they have told you. obviously, the more theyve said, the more you trust they know. in other words, it is easier to trust that they know something if they have said something, and it is more difficult to believe they know something if they have not. what i think all this implies is that you are more likely to torture someone the less they have said, but they are also less likely to know anything the less they have said. in the end, the only principle that could ever allow me to sleep at night would be to treat others as i would want to be treated: with a fair trial; i agree some rules could be changed, such as the evidence in the trial being in public domain (as it is with the trials of actual citizens), but the idea of innocence until proven guilty is absolutely essential to the concept of being on the 'good' side. how many people could we torture before the harm we have done is inarguably greater than the harm they wished to do?

needs must

theres real poetry in the real world
science is the poetry of reality
-Richard Dawkins

Dawkins mentions his surprise at Darwin sitting on his theory for so long, without the fear of being 'scooped', which he eventually was, by Alfred Russel Wallace. in my opinion, Darwin appears to have been a true man of science, and wholly concerned with truth long before credit. perhaps his concern for the implications of his theory contributed to his willingness to forgo credit. i know he was willing to do so, if i remember correctly after Wallace published his ideas, Darwin sent him a letter of encouragement, without much of a claim for credit, and it was Wallace who insisted Darwin receive such enormous credit (which was well deserved).

MAKE NO MISTAKE: nearly every aspect of modern life has been heavily, and directly influenced by science; the same process that implies evolutionary theory and refutes nearly every claim of religious dogma.

confirm or confute

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