in my will: to the imagination, i leave nothing.

is it the same thing to feel bad about something, versus believing very strongly that you should feel bad? i cannot tell any longer.

"my dear wife, please beat me."..."my wife saw 'my love' on my thigh. she asked me who it referred to. and i began to lie."

i will eat and digest you all with my system of mighty organs!
funny isnt it? the human was impervious to our most powerful magnetic fields, yet in the end he succumbed to a harmless sharpened stick.
good news everyone, im a horses butt. i am? thats not good news at all you little...

calm down im gonna hold your hand.

more of the same nonsense.

Still, in the absence of naked singularities, the universe is deterministic — it's possible to predict the entire evolution of the universe (possibly excluding some finite regions of space hidden inside event horizons of singularities), knowing only its condition at a certain moment of time (more precisely, everywhere on a spacelike 3-dimensional hypersurface, called the Cauchy surface).
---wait wait wait... the term "...its condition at a certain moment of time..." is meaningless. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SIMULTANEITY. there is no such thing as a universal 'moment of time'. this is such a basic result of special relativity, that once acquainted with the theory, we ought to no longer make this mistake (even i am guilty of forgetting this fact now and then, its quite easy).

i think ive thought this before, but, is there a system of logic in the truth and false values can take continuos values all the way from false to true? more akin to probability theory than traditional logic... i think itd be more 'real world' than traditional logic, potentially...

ive (inadvertently) discovered how to keep bubbles: you seal them up in a container in which moisture cannot exit (nor, most likely, enter); nevertheless, as with most things in life, bubbles werent meant to be 'kept' all wrapped up in plastic... bubbles wish to be free. they wish to roam, to spend their brief existence exploring this world.

its mostly just a process of succumbing to the definitions and notation.

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