everywhere the same

someday, this will make a funny story.
wo sind mein hosen?
(where are my pants)

to anyone (creationists) who would criticize evolution as 'theory' and not 'fact': Einstein's theory of gravity is just a theory. the fact is, things fall towards the earth, that is the fact part. the best (as of yet) explanation that we have devised is the theory of general relativity, by Einstein. and it does tremendously well at explaining it. its not like a stock broker or a psychic or a doctor's prognosis or really anything youve ever encountered; and regardless of whether we find a more successful theory then general relativity or not, it will remain a very accurate and powerful predictor and explainer for phenomena we observe in nature. likewise, the existence of a large diverse group of organic entities (life) is the fact, while darwinism is the extremely useful, extremely accurate theory.

new field day idea: past tense day!

to anyone who would criticize evolution as unobserved: well, there are lot of physical theories which we have not observed, and observation itself is a tricky phenomena to explain, but that might be a bit too complex for this discussion. so let us stick to physical theories that seem reasonable but remain unobserved. we have never observed an extinction level event type asteroid impact on earth, but we tend to think such events have occurred repeatedly, and will most likely occur in the future. the evidence is again indirect: we find craters, we find iridium spread evenly all over the world at very specific time periods (iridium is rare on earth, but common in asteroids). similarly, we havent observed evolution, but we have found enormous genetic evidence to support it. tectonic plates was going to be my other example... it seems quite likely that the continents are moving apart from one another, however we just havent been around long enough to really see these things. im sort of ranting so ill stop here.

she was smiling a lot. it made me happy.

im fed up with holier-than-thou hypocrites. there shouldnt be a single person on earth who should respect these people until they fucking admit their problems are not so severe, and stop fucking up the world by condeming others.
mark foley fought against child abuse and child exploitation, turned out to be having sex with minors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Foley
ted haggard condemned homosexuality, turned out to be gay (despite what he has since convinced himself): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Haggard
rush limaugh was highly critical of drug users, advocating strict legal punishments, turned out to be addicted to prescription drugs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rush_Limbaugh
kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself.

caution is needed when consulting the literature.

ah ha! and now i see it! there is a tremendous difference between not being able to focus, and not being interested in focusing. right now, i have to write a paper for number theory, and i am finding it quite easy to distract myself. but i am able to focus, definitely, im just not interested in doing so. there have been times, on occasion, throughout my life, in which i was not able to focus. there were just too many thoughts that would barge in and take over my mind before i could get into any of the work i had to do. those times havent been too often. nearly always they are the direct result of relationships with girls.

debauch you. debauchery

i still dont really know how to interface with other humans (as exemplified by the fact that i use the word 'interface').

so what if im mentally handicap!? fuck you! okay?

are you yet convinced of my concern?
i think the difference between me and severely autistic people is that my habits and understanding of the world are not so radically different from what other people think that no one noticed me not being them.

you surprised me plenty. i dont know which moments are the strangest, but the elements of history were definitely made. thank you for every heart shape i received.

wait wait wait, that idea i had, to buy foreign militaries. thats stupid. heres why... we spend much more money on our military than anyone. like, about ten times more than the next highest, i think. it would be cheaper if we simply had no military at all. and anyone who attempted to invade us, we could buy. we could then pay them more than their homeland pays them, to protect us. we could literally buy any military in the world, and use it to protect us, and save billions of dollars a year.

did you ever figure me out?

i think ive written this in the past, but my great ambition in life, (okay, not really, but one of the things i want to experience before i die), is to slap three people in one swing.

its funny how who says something can influence the way i interpret it. for instance, i saw this quote by vincent van gogh (apparently), "i want to touch people with my art. i want them to say 'he feels tenderly' ". but i thought it was this other artist, not van gogh, so before i caught the van gogh part, i thought, how pretentious of you. in retrospect, i suppose i was being pretentious.

i like it when that part is this shape.
i like the shape of that part.

i was supposed to give allison kelly's phone number so that she (allison) could have jack hanna call kelly to tell her how many people are killed by hippos each year. but i think i failed.

stefan is a hobo-phobe. (im pretty sure he was kidding).
spatial disorientation

i really enjoy the sky right now.
fast moving dark clouds
i want to fly my kite
i want to build a bigger [again, i didnt finish this sentence, why not?]

things that satisfy me: untying knots, scraping dried paint off glass, stapling tyvek smoothly, writing the number four, writing the letter g, wind strong enough to blow me over, fast moving clouds, people, complete silence (hard to come by), looking up very tall objects nearby, feeling insignificant, looking at the trees, looking at most anything simple, looking at people, wide open sky, talking and thinking with people, taking off socks. i also have a new hobby: i collect payphone phone numbers and hide things at the payphones, then i call them at random, and reveal to people where ive hidden things.

'its the difference that is important to her' (satisfying to see the room clean up a lot).

there is a possibility, that when i get really happy, i intentionally start to think of sad things. as if i am somehow trying to keep my happiness in check. i understand the concept of my friends knowing me better than i know myself, but somehow i feel that i am rare, and that that does not apply to me. i think i would claim my large amount of reflection on myself and other things, might help that. although maybe im looking at the wrong things... its that they would understand, or more predict, my future actions, better than i would?

O.H. Buck, foreman of the road crew, recalled the scene after the final explosion: "I began to feel as though the world was coming to an end. I guess I was a bit hazy. Anyway, the next thing I remember I was out on the street."

surrender your mysteries to zoidberg. oh no! professor will hit me. but if zoidberg fixes it, then perhaps gifts! this food actually tastes better as vomit. wait... what would the robutt do?... frame someone! and conjectured that my mother was a prostitute. "in the english countryside, many prostitutes decorate their rooms with festive gourds." -martha stewart
"im swimming in my own soylent waste. its a good thing." -martha stewart

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